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"Happy Mother's day" greeting was shared all over the world, in different languages and celebrated in different ways. I celebrated mine with my grown-up Bunny and Baby Lou, home from college with their dad donning on a chef's hat who prepared a sumptuous breakfast of Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce and crispy bacon on fluffy bread, and ending the day with a pièce de résistance of steaks and crabs with side dishes of crunchy greens and roasted potatoes. It was a perfect celebration of togetherness. I also shared a couple of ideas for the next Bunnylou story during dinner and when I asked for the kids' opinions, one replied with "uh-huh," and the other, "Okay." So, I guess I still need to robustly develop the plot line and polish the story-telling because "Bunny" and "Lou" can be hard-to-please critics - they are characters in the story after all, so, it has to be right.

As the last "Happy Mother's Day" greetings are being sent before the day is over, I want to thank those who sent notes, and for my family who gladly treated me like a queen today (and let me add a few pounds to my frame). Hopefully, I have the next exciting story up by Father's Day - that and I have to prepare equally delectable dishes to treat Bunny's and Baby Lou's Dad when his day is celebrated.

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