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The story behind Bunnylou...

Bunnylou is my labor of love for one very simple reason: Loulou and Bunny are much more than characters in my stories. I adore these sweet creations and their adventures because they are inspired by my fun and spunky children, Camille and Mark.


Before I picked up my dad’s Voigtländer Vito, and pursued photography as a means to earn some extra money, I’ve always been an avid doodler and I love relaxing with a sketchbook or experimenting with watercolors. While raising my children, drawing helped me focus and became a valuable creative outlet. It happened one day, while sketching swirls and leafless, gnarly trees, inspiration struck and I drew a cute girl with bob cut hair and a little rabbit to be her friend.


I named them Loulou and Bunny, based on whimsical nicknames I gave them as kids. These wholesome creations felt different than my other doodles and visited quite often. They popped up in sketches regularly, stopping by to say hello and share their stories.


After our family moved from a Los Angeles suburb to a quieter home in a rustic setting north of the Golden Gate Bridge, my characters and I found abundant opportunity for discovery, exploration, and friendship. Bunny and Loulou became inseparable on the page and playmates in my creative life. Over time, my little hobby evolved into something bigger.


Bunny and Loulou represent good, clean fun; a concept that never goes out of style. Through their stories, I learn about acceptance, simplicity, and the profound importance of family. Ideas like these feel too important to keep to myself.


The drawings and photos I originally shared through social media now have an official home here on their own website. The support and interest I’ve received from friends and strangers continually inspire me. Perhaps you will find something inspirational in their stories, too.


Mark and Camille are grown now, but their curiosity and exuberance live on through Bunny and Loulou. They share their own ideas and stories for their fictional characters, and they make sure that Bunny and Loulou are always happy together.


Thank you for visiting my site. I invite you to stop by my online store or reach out to say hello!

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