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Meet Loulou, Bunny, and friends












Meet Loulou, Bunny, and friends



Bunny lives in a treehole across the pond,  from Loulou's yellow Victorian house on a knoll, in the wonderful country village of Lilac Mae. They play all day, breathe fresh air and munch on berries and carrot sticks, which they down with dandelion root tea with a dash of lemon juice, all from Loulou's organic veggie and fruit garden.

Michiko and Aki are from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. They enjoy springtime when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, making everything a lovely shade of pink. They like to sip gyokuro green tea while munching on gooey and yummy mochi. 


Leilani and Honu live in a village where the shadow of Mauna Kea falls in the Big Island of Hawaii. They dance the hula to tell stories of their ancestors. They like to bask under the Pacific sun on the black sand beach of Punalu’u while sipping hibiscus tea flavored with sweet pineapple. 

Adelaide and Joey live in an Outback station in Australia. They help in the farm by tending to cattle and sheep and they know what to do when faced with a snake or two – gently walk away and leave them be! When they are done with chores, they relax with a tall glass of iced lemon myrtle tea in the shade. 

Friends_Kallik_Nukilik draft2.jpg

Kallik and Nukilik are such cute names! But  in Inuit they mean “lightning” and “strong,” so,  they are resilient, too. Resilience is needed when you  live close to the Arctic tundra. They build igloos made of hard packed snow in the winter. They eat fish and caribou meat, and drink cloudberry tea which sounds heavenly! 

Misha and Olga live in Moscow, in an apartment with a view of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square. Olga studies at Bolshoi Ballet Academy while Misha gives support by preparing her black tea served in a Samovar and poured in glasses held by Podstakanniks. They nibble on piroshki, both the sweet and savory kind! 


Gigi and Queenie are from Liverpool, not far from Penny Lane. They love to visit Albert Dock along River Mersey and ride the swings at Sefton Park. They are not shy belting out Beatles songs at the drop of a hat, just be ready with a teapot full of warm Earl Grey tea to soothe those pipes in-between songs, yeah, yeah, yeah!   

Between Beijing and Hong Kong, Zhenzhen and Meili live peacefully in a small but picture-perfect village called, Hongcun. A long time ago, Meili’s great, great, great grandfather diverted water from the moon pond to their home’s courtyard to create a reflection pool. This is where Meili and Zhenzhen sketch and paint the day away and drink delicate jasmine tea served in Meili’s great, great, great grandmother’s translucent porcelain teapot and cups. The finest bone china, if ever there was one.

Friends_Lam-Maryam draft 3.jpg

Once upon a time, Maryam’s family traversed the hot, arid Arabian land with Lam’s granny lamb, a herd of sheep, a few goats, camels and chickens. Now, they live in a village somewhere north of Saudi Arabia. Lam and Maryam love listening to stories of how their families traveled in camel caravans and lived in the Saharan desert under big tents. Storytime is made more special with Maryam’s mama’s special brew of cardamom tea which they sip while eating deliciously sweet knafeh.

In the summer, Bono and Bibi ride their bikes to nearby De Waal Park to play and listen to some of Cape Town’s popular bands perform music, with Table Top Mountain as their backdrop. They bring a big blanket and lay it under a shady tree to have a picnic, too, consisting of melktert and Rooibos tea. While Bibi’s mamma and pappa drink theirs hot, Bibi’s and Bono’s are iced with a hint of mint and honey.


Chila and Camila live in the world’s highest elevated city, La Paz. They like to play futbol and trompo – that would be soccer and top for their friends in America. They take frequent breaks because the high altitude makes them gasp for air especially if they play hard. Camila’s mama give them a generous helping of arroz con leche, and small sips of coca tea, to make them feel better

Ben and Anu live in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the West Bengal town of Darjeeling. They enjoy watching snow-capped Kangchenjunga from their home’s terrace and the fog rolling down Tiger Hill like whipped marshmallow. Anu’s family grows and cultivates their own Darjeeling tea which they drink for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Ben and Anu especially enjoy the golden brew with mango kulfi for afternoon tea.

Friends_Ben_Anu(ver. 6Jan19).jpg
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