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"The Bird That Did Not Fly" coming soon to Short Story Pictures!

“His friends always had tales of lush meadows, of thundering waterfalls and beautiful rainbows.

They have explored the wild jungles of Africa, they have stretched their wings and glided over Antarctica.”

- excerpt from “The Bird That Did Not Fly”


You probably spotted a bird hanging out at the base of the tree where Bunny lives in some pictures from the “Hello, Bunny” short picture story. Well, the next story I have been working on is about Bunny’s friend, Bird, who did not fly. Hmmm, how can that be? A bird that did not fly?

It will be a familiar story as his story, is often, our story, too. How many times have we doubted ourselves in pursuing our dreams? We know in our hearts that we can achieve them, but fear of failing and trepidation of facing the unknown always stop us dead in our flight paths, so, we never take off. Then, we are left to wonder, “what if?” What if I leave my comfy job and pursue my passion? What if I stop talking about the good I am going to give the world and actually doing good to help the world? What if I take a risk and fail – will I be able to recover? You and I will never know the answer until we take a chance on ourselves. This is everyone’s life story. Let us make our story plot more interesting by adding some conflict, excitement, and adventure and work towards the conclusion of “and they lived happily ever after.”

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