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  • A.C.V. Wilson


Loulou was not happy in the city. She could not have a pet and it was always noisy.

So, her mom and dad packed their bags, lampshade and flowerpot, and left the gray city just before summer when it can get really hot.

They bought a house in Lilac Mae, a little yellow Victorian near the bay. Loulou was happy in her new home. She breathed the fragrant flowers on the meadow where she freely roamed.

There was a tree with a hole across the pond, which Loulou tiptoed to with very little sound.

In it, she was surprised to see, a fluffy, white rabbit, so adorable and cute as can be!

Loulou picked the rabbit carefully and blew it a kiss. She said, "from this day forward, I will call you 'Bunny'," as she giggled with delightful bliss.

This is the story that started it all. The family of a little girl named Loulou moved from the big city to a quiet town called Lilac Mae in the country. there, she breathed fresh air, ran in the meadows, smelled fragrant flowers and met her fluffy, cute pal she called "Bunny." It was the beginning of a simple life but nevertheless a simple life filled with fun adventures and meeting more new friends. The next story will be about Bunnylou's bird friend, Eabon, who did not fly before LOulou came to Lilac Mae. Read the story when I launch it in this website soon!

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