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By now, fathers all over the world are either fast asleep (snoring perhaps), just starting their day, or heading home from work. Each one remembering the fun time he had during Father's Day.

It was scorching hot in Bunnylou central that yours truly was not able to cook up a feast (as mentioned in the Mother's Day blog). Not making excuses, but you have to understand, cranking up the oven to 350F degrees in 104F degree is a recipe for a passed out mom :-). Instead, the family brought the 2 dads (Dad and Granddad) to a nice brunch in our old town's Italian cafe (lots of iced tea was consumed). After which, we thought we could "cool" ourselves in our darkened rooms at home, but the cusp of summer is upon us and we gave up fanning ourselves (a/c is not a must-have in the North Bay, but in days like this, wish we have a polar machine to cool us off!), so, we headed off to the theater and watched a movie. I call it treat #2 for Dad.

I also gave him treat #3 - this fun picture of Bunny playing bubbles with Daddy Bunny. Just a little memento to show how much he is very much appreciated, loved and admired like a super hero. Thanks, Pops!

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