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Just a few finishing touches and the "Now Open For Business" sign will soon be up. To start, I have 4 products to sell: Bunny Buntings, Tote Bags, Notecards, and Stickers. These items are meant to enhance the experience of your Bunnylou visit and enjoyment of the stories and adventures of the characters. I have a few inventory for each product type, once they're sold, they're gone! After which, new product line(s) will be developed and sold. Since my mission is to spread happiness, love, and care (aside from irresistible cuteness), portion of the sale will be donated to a charity or organization which advocates for children. While you're enjoying Bunnylou goods, also remember that you are helping a child feel loved and cared for, as well - fulfilling Bunny's and Loulou's dream of everyone being "HAPPY TOGETHER" always!

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