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Goldie & Jess (requested by @Jessica_2532)

"You could make me a drawing please" - I received this request from someone with an instagram handle "jessica_2532." I did not notice it right away since she is not a Bunnylou follower. After a few more exchanges, it was revealed that Jessica is "a kind," and she has "not money." Since I have been toying with the idea of creating a booster club of dedicated Bunnylou followers and (would-be) fans to help promote the brand, why not start with this? So, here's the officially launching of Bunnyloufriends!

The first 10 who would like to join the "club" will receive a free doodle! Current subscribers, please let me know if you want one, too. Email me at for details.

Follow Bunnylou in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and/or Twitter for more fun things like this!

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