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  • A.C.V. Wilson


Hello ghouls, ghosts, rattling bones, and Disney princesses - the day when you can pretend to be someone else and have all the candy you want has arrived. Growing up in the Philippines, my family did not celebrate Halloween. Instead, we observed "Araw ng Patay" (Day of the Dead) and Todos Los Santos (All Saints' Day) where we visited our departed loved ones' resting places, cleaned their tombstones, brought flowers, candles, food to feed relatives for a couple of days, board games, radio or any musical instrument to give our dead respect, remembrance, and made merry in their honor. Those were 2 days when every one was happy in the cemetery and having a fiesta.

A similar tradition is celebrated by our Mexican friends, Dia De Los Muertos.

Halloween is now observed in the Philippines, but Day of the Dead and All Saints' Day are still celebrated by many (mostly older folks). I hope the tradition continues because to me, this holiday sure beats any trick, treat or elaborate costume funfair.

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