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Bunnylou Meets FanGirl!


Bunnylou Teams Up with FanGirl Consulting to Build Licensing Business

The Mission to Inspire and Ignite Curiosity Around the World Has Begun

Novato, San Francisco Bay Area – On December 1, 2018, Angie Wilson, creator of Bunnylou, teamed up with Anita Castellar, CEO of FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management LLC, to collaborate on building brand recognition and licensing business around Wilson’s characters, Bunny, Loulou, and their whimsical friends from the lovely land of Lilac Mae.

“My children in their toddler years, were the inspiration behind the formation of Bunnylou. I hope that the illustrations, stories, and musings that I have shared with friends and family throughout the years, will serve as inspiration to the young and young-at-heart around the world to find joy in the simpler themes that Bunnylou offers.  I believe that FanGirl’s mission to break code and bring to life tangible memories for kids of all ages, is key to developing the Bunnylou brand into a dynamic licensing property,” stated Wilson.

Anita Castellar, CEO of FanGirl is a highly respected professional in licensing circles, and is well-known for her groundbreaking work in launching toy lines as well as an innovative strategist in building successful hardlines products. Wilson and Castellar are no strangers to the licensing business, having forged a professional and personal friendship from their years as colleagues at Lucasfilm Ltd. where they worked side-by-side to close business deals to sustain the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises for Lucas Licensing, and later worked together to nurture the brands through the Disney acquisition after George Lucas sold the commercial divisions of Lucasfilm to the Walt Disney Company in 2012.

Initial goals for Bunnylou will be to build brand awareness and recognition for Bunnylou’s core objective of making “simple” and “cute” cool through sharing heartwarming stories and illustrations with the world. Publishing, stationery, digital media, along with toys/plush are the initial launch categories under review.

“It will be a lot of hard work, but I know with Anita’s positive energy and motivation, I can see success in this venture,” Wilson reflected with enthusiasm.

For information on licensing opportunities, contact:

FanGirl Consulting and Brand Management LLC


For more information on Bunnylou:


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