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I know, I know! I promised at the start of 2018 to share with you a story about the cunning, hooded figures of Lilac Mae. Well, here they are finally! I initially drew a more elaborate backdrop for our heroes that the story got lost in translation.

initial sketch_Ninjas of Lilac Mae

Consulting the real Bunny and Loulou, they suggested a simpler and consistently themed background, so, I decided on this scene. It's like a one-act play with our ninjas being the true center of the story with a few supporting characters. I revised the story, too, tweaking it to be more succinct and snappy - just what ninjas do!

final backdrop_Ninjas of Lilac Mae

Today is the last day of 2018, I'm glad the Ninjas of Lilac Mae are finally out to help greet 2019, though in a more subdued way, for sure :-)

Ninjas of Lilac Mae


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