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Happy New Year, everyone! For my first blog in year 2020, I want to share with you the inspiration for Loulou's house on the knoll, across Bunny's tree hole by the pond in Lilac Mae :-). I pass by this structure (a business address, actually) to hop on and off the US-101 freeway north of the Golden Gate Bridge. 20+ years driving by the yellow Victorian may have planted the idea for Loulou's house which is depicted in the "about" page of I am glad that it is maintained well. I often wonder that if Bunnylou takes off as a successful licensing business, maybe I can purchase the property and make it the "Bunnylou Enterprise" headquarters - turning a dream or an art inspiration into a reality! I would just need to plant a big tree with a hole in front to complete the picture. Alas, no pond or running brook flows near it - but I can make that happen in my imagination. Bunny and Loulou would very much feel at home here.

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