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  • A.C.V. Wilson

The Pig with a Peach on the Beach

As a gift to "Bunny" and to commemorate his 26th birthday (yes, he's officially no longer covered under his parents' healthcare plan), I sketched this scene of Bunny and Loulou having fun on the beach, and meeting a cute little pig with a peach. There is a story already brewing in my head, so, stay tuned for more sketches to complete a book (online, or a hard cover - hoping on the latter!).

The idea came to me when I saw my friend's picture of a potbellied pig grazing on the shores of Stinson Beach with a leash harness around its body. My first version of this sketch was after that image, but the leash was wrapped loosely on the pig's neck. See here:

I showed it to "Loulou" and she asked "why does it have a leash?" with a sort of sad tone to her voice. I guess, not even a pretty magenta shade for the cord can alleviate her feeling sorry for the little piggy, so, I replaced the leash with a plump peach! I have to make adjustments to the story I'm concocting, though, but will take on that challenge :-)

Let me know if you think a peach is better than a leash for Bunnylou's new friend.


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